Hey! I'm Zacks A skilled and passionate data scientist with 3 years of hands-on experience and successful track records in data science and data engineering.


Skill Set

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Data Analysis, Business Analysis
  • Business Intelligence: Tableau, Power BI, AWS QuickSight, MS Excel
  • Data Analysis: Pandas, NumPy, PySpark
  • Visualizations: Seaborn, Plotly, Matplotlib
data analytics & business intelligence illustration
machine learning illustration

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

  • Math, Statistics, Probability, Hypothesis Testing, A/B Testing
  • Machine Learning: Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning
  • Deep Learning: Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision
  • Frameworks: Scikit-learn, XGBoost, NLTK, PySpark, TensorFlow, Keras
  • Platforms: Python, AWS SageMaker, AWS EMR

Computer Science & Developing

  • Languages: Python, R, Bash, HTML, CSS, Markdown, JavaScript
  • DevOps: AWS, Linux, Networking, Git, Docker, Agile Development
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Data Engineering & Big Data

  • Big Data: ETL, AWS Glue, AWS EMR, Apache Spark
  • Data Mining: Web Crawler, Pandas, PySpark, SQLAlchemy, Beautiful Soup
  • SQL: AWS Aurora, AWS RDS, AWS Redshift, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL & Data Lake: AWS DynamoDB, AWS S3

Skill Levels

Education & Work Experience

01/2019 - 07/2020
  • Probability & Statistics, Enterprise Analytics, Risk Management, Leadership in Analytics, Business Intelligence
  • Data Mining, Data Visualization, Data Warehouse & SQL, Machine Learning, Cloud Analytics

06/2020 - Present
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • AWS Machine Learning

10/2020 - Present
  • Summary: Tremendous experience in Data Science, Data processing, Data Pipelines, Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Programming.
  • Improved data transfer and query efficiency by 1000% and reduced 50% cost by cloud architecture optimization and big data implementation.
  • Supported and collaborated with the R&D team through data analytics and KPI design to enhance product quality and user experience.
  • Established ad-hoc and strategic dashboards to influence data-driven decision making for exploring new opportunities.
  • Communicated with stakeholders and senior management for business growth through data visualization software and statistical software.

12/2016 - 04/2017
  • Summary: Extensive client facing and cross-functional teamwork experience.
  • Engaged as an independent security assessor to conduct a security audit for well-known banks, financial institutions, and universities.
  • Reduced the risk of customers' information leakage by performing regular security assessments for data systems, data infrastructure, and web APP.
  • Visited customers frequently for ensuring the implementations followed the approved security standards and requirements.
  • Conducted frequent communication with customers and engineering team to rectify misconfigurations highlighted in the report.


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